Humidity and rain are not a natural girl’s friend!

Day 2 of the new, natural look was not quite as “easy” as day 1. I say “easy” because my stylist, Quincy Brown, made it look so easy. He took out the flexi rods, pulled the curls apart, and voilà, the hair was ready.

I tried to follow the steps to maintain Quincy’s style from day 1. Before bed, I pulled my hair up with a wide headband to achieve the pineapple style. Your hair literally looks like a pineapple because the curls are free at the top.

I slept on my new satin pillowcase. I woke up to pretty curls in the back of my head and a frizzy mess in the front. The curls were starting to disappear and the puffy hair made its debut. I heard it loud and clear.

untitled (2)

I went into panic mode. How was I going to go to work looking like this when the first day went so well?

I’ve heard great things about the curl wand. I’m not trying to put heat in my hair daily or even weekly, but this was a special circumstance in my mind. I went to TJ Maxx and bought a curl wand for $20. I used the wand in the areas where the curls had disappeared. I only left the wand on each section for maybe 5 seconds or less. I then added my flexi rods to those curled sections.

And I must confess I had a little professional help. I stopped by Quincy’s salon, The Beauty Parlor by Q and Co., where Kwamane touched up a few more curls with his curl wand. He also introduced me to the wonderful Design Essentials Silk Essentials finishing serum.

I headed to work to take out my flexi rods. I then used the finishing serum to separate the curls. I was back in business in time for the 4 p.m. newscast!

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