“Can I touch your hair?”

untitled I’ve heard this for years, so it’s not a new question because I have natural hair. People loved to touch my weave, too.

Let me start by saying I’m not offended by the question.

In fact, I’m happy to know my co-workers are comfortable enough with me to feel like it’s okay to ask that question. I was prepared for a lot of hands touching my hair the moment I showed up to work with my natural hair. No one was massaging my scalp or tugging on my curls, and no one petted me.

I’m wondering what the fascination is all about. Then it hit me. It’s curiosity. How is this any different than asking to touch a pregnant woman’s stomach? Just this week, I touched Patrick Rockey’s face because he’s growing a beard to raise money for charity. I was curious to see if it was soft and fuzzy or prickly and rough. He didn’t mind, or at least I think he didn’t. Do you mind when people ask to touch your hair?

And what did Patrick have to say?

“When my beard is as long as Laila’s hair, I might object. Until then it’s cool!”

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