You are in control of your image. Who are you? What do you want people to know about you from the first moment they meet you? Grab the reigns on your image, fine tune it, own it, believe it, and others will believe it, too.

Need some fine-tuning in front of the camera?

Media Coaching Services

Laila Muhammad not only knows how to create the magic on camera, she has a knack and a passion for spotting the potential in others and bringing their talents to the forefront.  
As a college professor, Laila has had the privilege of teaching on-camera delivery and vocal coaching to future journalists. She also has experience teaching those who are not in the journalism industry but still desire the skills to communicate effectively and clearly during interviews and speeches. 
Business execs, athletes and fellow journalists often seek advice from Laila about their on-camera performance. Laila is available for in-person and virtual media coaching sessions.  
Need advice? Please book a professional consultation and we can develop a strategy to meet your coaching needs. Hourly rates and long-term monthly plans are available. Book me today!